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Spray extraction is incorrectly referred to as steam cleaning by some people in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Our technicians employ the following two stage spray extraction comprising pre-conditioning and rinsing.

The carpet or upholstery is first treated with a pre-conditioning solution which is mechanically agitated by brushing the solution into the pile or fabric. This softens up the soil in the item being cleaned increasing the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Our spray extraction machine's rinse tank is charged with hot rinsing agent which is used to flush out the pre-conditioning solution together with the softened soil. This is done by drawing a wand, which is a suction tube with a wide mouth, or a hand tool across the carpet or item of upholstery. As this is done a fine spray of the hot rinsing solution is sprayed into the item being cleaned and immediately vacuumed back up and into the spray extraction machine's waste tank this avoids over wetting. The process outlined is repeated with overlapping strokes until the carpet or upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned.


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